June 25, 2021


What Really Makes Us Different

Dear Friends,


We've been at this six years now and and we've sold a whole bunch of belts and wallets. Many of you come back two, three, sometimes four times to purchase again and again. So I'm thinking, there are other belt makers out there that produce a good product – they use quality leather and make claims about how theirs will last for years - just like we do. So, what do they recognize in Buffalo Head Leather that makes them trust us – and connects us almost like friends? The truth is, it's service. They come to discover that when they call our number, they will talk to a real person (usually it's me). They know they'll get sizing help or want us to walk them through the refund or exchange process. It's real simple for us: treat customers like we'd want to be treated. So, really, call us if you're unsure about the size to order or if you have a concern about the belt you just received. We'll make you happy with your purchase or I'll buy it back. Let us impress you with how good we are at turning customers into friends.


All the best,


Greg and Oxana

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