June 20, 2016


Got Cash?

I want to talk to men out there like me: you're in that 50 to 65 age slot, you're a little bit set in your ways (although you're open to adventure if it comes in the form of a younger red-head or an older red Harley), you have a little bit of testosterone left in the tank because you take reasonably good care of yourself and last but not least, you have a little money to spend 'cause you've worked hard and learned how to manage it.  Now, hold that thought - the one about the money...not the red-head.

Open a new window in your browser and google "men's fashion".  Got it?  What do you see?  If your browser is similar to mine it will display a group of photos across the top that relate to the search term you just plugged in.  In this case, you'll see men in current fashion apparel.  But look at the images again - every one of the "men" in the photos is younger than 30. What's this tell you?  It tells me that on-line retailers primary marketing focus is on Millennials.  (If you don't know what a millennial is, that's a person who reached young adulthood around the turn of this century or that offspring of yours that can't seem to land that CEO job, thus he's still hanging out at your crib).  Now that's all fine and dandy, only problem is this group of people spend the least amount of money on clothing than any other demographic!  In fact they spend less than the 65 and older group!  Now, that's either because the marketing gurus think that young bodies and wrinkle-less faces sell products better that anybody else or they're just plain ignorant.  Might be a little of the former, but I think  more of the latter.  Maybe these budding geniuses  were lined up waiting for the new LeBrons the day they talked about who spends the most money in Marketing 101.

Still holding that thought?  Well, surprise, surprise! (apologies to Gomer Pyle) it's you and I that they should be targeting...at least as much as those kids...we spend most of the cash!  We don't buy just Harleys and F350 turbo diesel duely pickups, we buy clothes and belts and wallets.  Ever feel forgotten or left out in the cold when it comes to fashion?  Like you're an afterthought in the world of rags?  I don't know about you brother, but I just don't feel like I'm in my zone when both thighs and knees are ripped out of my skinnies.  

There are trend setters and there are followers in marketing just as there are shepherds and sheep when it comes to consumers.  Seems like a lot of ad people are having a hard time thinking outside the box - still targeting the young and restless who in reality aren't even listening, let alone buying, while ignoring the guy riding the scooter with the red head firmly hugging his slightly oversize midsection...and wallet.    Well, take heart, my mature friends, they are slowly getting the message that the ones who are, in large part, keeping the cyberspace registers ringing are everyday Joes like you and I and the companies who go after us will be rewarded.

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