Full Grain Genuine Black Cow Hide with Original Hand Tooled Design Nickel Buckle 1 1/2" Wide Made In USA Free Shipping

Buffalo Head Leather


Start with a hunk of premium black solid cow hide.  Hand tool an original, edgy geometric design on it and add a simple nickel roller buckle.  What you get is a belt that's not only beautiful, but one that has an attitude. You're the kind of guy or gal that thinks jeans and a tee is proper attire for almost anything -  you don't try to impress anybody but somehow you just do.  For you it's always 'nothing fancy, just the basics of coolness' - you act and dress the way you want - and it was you who we had in mind when we created this very special item.  You know you've always had a bit of an attitude - so what are you waiting for...get a belt to go with it.

Because this belt takes a little longer to make (it really is hand tooled), give us a couple of extra days beyond our ordinary "super fast" turn around time!

NOTE: When ordering belts, add 2 inches to your pant waist size; if your pant waist is an odd size, add 3 inches to your belt size.  If unsure of pant size - measure your waist at the spot where you wear a belt...then use this measurement as your belt size.

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Vendor: Buffalo Head Leather

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