About Us

We Know What You Want

I started this business out of frustration!  Have you ever bought a nice looking belt or wallet at a department store that looked really great for a couple of months only to see it start to crack and separate?   Well, I have too and I say you deserve better.  You deserve a leather product that will not only last for years but continue to look great day after day.  That's why our team makes them from real, premium leather by craftsmen right here in the USA.  It's not rocket science - just our commitment to quality...because you deserve it!

You're like us. When you spend your hard earned money on a product from a company that makes claims about it's quality and value, that's just what you expect to get - but not always what is delivered.  Nowadays it's harder and harder to find quality American products that live up to the claims they make.  Well, we're different.  We start with the finest USA sourced hides from local leather companies right here in Ohio.  Then we handcraft your leather belt or accessory to our own demanding standards and carefully inspect each one before it goes out the door.  You see, when you start with world class materials and hand make a beautiful product, you get a feeling of pride - and we like that feeling.  In fact, it's habit forming!  We want you to say "wow" whether it's when you first unwrap one of our items or when you experience our personalized customer service if you have an exchange or a return. Simply put, we're going treat you like family because we want you to come back again and again when you need a quality leather product.

All the best,

Greg and Oxana


What We Live By

We believe in the value of our customers above all else.

We believe the customer deserves the best that we have in our power to deliver

We will treat our customers the way we wish to be treated: with respect, kindness and fairness.    

If the customer is not satisfied, we haven't succeeded as a company.

Make the customer say, "wow!"

We believe the customer is always right.

We will respect the environment and seek to leave it better and  cleaner than we found it.


Mission Statement

Buffalo Head Leather will offer beautiful, durable, handcrafted quality, USA made leather goods to hard working, quality conscious consumers at a superior value, supported by unmatched customer service.


Value Statement

Buffalo Head Leather values a sustainable future for our customers, partners, and employees. We pride our self in the re-use and re-purposing of all unwanted materials. Buffalo Head Leather will achieve this through collaboration, innovative design, and manufacturing to  the highest standards of quality and integrity.


Buffalo Head Leather designs, manufactures and ships some of the most beautiful, unique, durable - yet supple - leather goods in the industry.  So, don't be fooled by products which some makers call "genuine leather".  You've all seen low quality products made from very thin layers of leather glued together and painted.  These inexpensive belts and wallets start to look shabby shortly after they are put into use.  Quality leather products look better with age and can last a lifetime if cared for.  All of our products are handmade in the United States with full grain American Bison leather as well as offerings in African Water Buffalo and premium, top grain cowhide.  Buffalo Head Leather is committed to the process from order to delivery.  That’s why we can offer unmatched customer service, best in class delivery and unparalleled quality plus our money back guarantee if you're not completely happy.  Better Leather - Better Products.