Covid-19 We're with you

April 23, 2020

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Covid-19 We're With You

Air mask selfies are fire-ravaged California's newest trend

Hello Everyone!
My name is Alexander Dallas and my father, Greg, is the founder and president of Buffalo Head Leather. It's been a few rough months lately, to say the least and that's why I wanted to say a few words about social distancing and the corona virus. I don't have a magic cure, so we need to stay vigilant with measures like that six foot social distancing, wearing a mask when your in the grocery store and staying out of crowds of more than ten people. I'm 26 and what scares me the most is that many of my friends are not taking this thing seriously. Hopefully, as the numbers mount they will begin to get on board. The goal is to flatten the curve and that can only be done by using as many of these precautionary measures that we need to take – and take them seriously! I'm not here to lecture anyone – you've all heard the experts – but I am here to try and make this time a little easier for us all. So let's laugh a little, connect with our computers and smart phones with some of those crazy games and photo challenges that are going around and know that it will be over someday soon.
The next time we talk, let's talk about leather. We don't know much about viruses but we do know a little something about belts and wallets. When my pop started this company back in 2015 he wanted it to be a family business that could share a culture of fairness, honesty and American values. We hold true to our dedication to supreme quality and I for one enjoy watching our family succeed in his vision, belt by belt, satisfied customer after satisfied customer. My dad is my family and he treats each of his customers like family too. Believe it or not, Greg answers most customer calls himself so give him a call if you want to chat about leather or talk about well...anything. He'd love to hear from you!
Stay safe guys!