Full Grain Genuine Buffalo 1 1/2" Wide leather Belt Black Copper Buckle and Keeper Made in USA

Buffalo Head Leather


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This is genuine Water Buffalo - tanned and dyed the old school way.  Our own craftsmen then cut it to length, add an antique copper buckle and the result is a show stopping accessory that will bring compliments wherever you go!  Your friends will be asking, "Where'd you get that belt?!"  It's an exclusive BHL design that you won't find in any store. So, guys, don't be caught wearing a  ho hum, worn looking belt on your next date - wear something that says you know how to pull an outfit together!  Of course, it's made in America.  


(Preferred method) Take a belt you currently wear, lay it on a flat surface and starting by the end nearest the buckle, measure from the fold of the leather to the hole you now use.  Then round this measurement to the nearest even number - this is the size you order from us (see the illustration on any belt product page).


(Next best method) Measure your waist (through the belt loops) and choose the closest even number - this is the size you order from us.

if all else fails

If you are not able to use either method above, add 2 inches to pant size for men, 4 inches to pant size for women. Then round to the nearest even size.  


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