April 06, 2022


Grab a Chair


It's been way too long since we communicated here and I apologize. We'll get caught up on what's going on here over the next few weeks and months, so bear with us, please. But first, we have to share one bit of fun, exciting and interesting news!


Several months ago, we noticed an order come in from Netflix in Pittsburgh, PA. Since the order was for multiple belts, we called to verify that the sizing would be correct and that the order was not fraudulent – just due diligence in order to avoid being scammed (it happens). After we established it was a legit order, I had to know what this was all about. Turns out, they were shooting a new series called “The Chair”, centered around the adventures and pitfalls of a fictional university English department starring Jay Duplass, Sandra Oh and David Morse. Further more, If I wanted to see our Buffalo Head Leather belts being worn by the “principle actors”, I should tune in and check out the show. Well, we did indeed tune in and we indeed saw our belts in all their glory streamimg to our very own flat screen in a real Netflix production! We watched all six episodes and it is actually a very funny and sophisticated series with great comedic performances by Duplass and Oh. I can heartily recommend it for a Friday night binge...who wants popcorn?


All the best,


Greg and Oxana



In case you are wondering, the most visible belt and the one worn by Jay Duplass, is item #BHL125K.

Type that into the search bar on this site to view it!




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