July 26, 2022


"Call Me"

I had a customer call me recently with a simple inquiry about a belt he liked on our website.  When I picked up, the first words out of his mouth were, "I can't tell you how awesome it is to dial up a company and have my call answered by a real person!"  We talked about that for a minute and I stated that he should not be surprised that a business would answer the phone in person.  In fact, that shouldn't even be an issue or a pleasant surprise - It should be the norm.  Oh sure, if you dig down through the layers and choose the right options and wait on hold long enough and listen to the same irritating six bars of garbled music until you go nearly insane, you might talk to someone who then may say, "Let me put you on a brief hold while I get you to the right department for your problem."  More garbled music, more silent cursing, more teeth clenching as the fury begins to well up in you. 

Statistics show that 90% of customers prefer to talk to a real live agent or representative but apparently, the big corporations didn't get the memo.  In fact, according to a recent news article, more and more companies are replacing humans with artificial intelligence for customer service.  Some  AI's are so sophisticated that they have become sentient, meaning they can feel and sense and respond like real people.  And, don't cuss it out like you do the automated voice...they may have feelings and you'll have to choose option seven to record your profuse apology.

You'll avoid all that when you call us and - wonder of wonders - we answer in person or call you back ASAP.  Even if you don't end up placing an order - We've got time to hear about your dogs or that your daughter passed the New York state bar or that it's been rainin' non-stop in Toledo for four days.  It's all good!

Talk to you soon,


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